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Craigieburn Central and Lend Lease Retail are committed to delivering a sustainable future for all our stakeholders. We recognise the legacy of our activities and we are accountable for what we take, what we create and what we leave behind.

Craigieburn Central is continually working to reduce our impact on the local environment and contribute to the local economy and community. We are implementing a number of exciting initiatives as part of our commitment to sustainability. We are currently working on the areas listed below.

Low Emissions

The use of low emission paints, carpets, sealants and adhesives will reduce airborne contamination. This together with optimised thermal and acoustic comfort and maximise indoor air quality.
Change facilities and bicycle storage has been provided for both staff and customers to encourage the use of transport modes that improves health and wellbeing.

Minimising Energy and Water Use

In order to minimise energy and water use the building has been designed to be highly energy and water efficient. This has been achieved through the selection of façade materials, energy efficient lighting, air-conditioning and heating systems and connection to Craigieburn’s recycled water supply for non-drinking water uses.

It is anticipated that the building will achieve a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and that 100% of water required for irrigation and toilet flushing will be from the town’s recycled supply.

Sustainability Performance

In recognition of its sustainability performance, Craigieburn Town Centre has recently been awarded a 4-Star Green Star Retail Design rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.

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