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Editorial Mindful Moments for the Holidays

Posted on 24 June by

We all know of the benefits of mindfulness for adults, but did you know that it can also be positive for children too? Mindfulness is the practice of bringing a gentle and accepting attitude to the present moment, and promotes happiness, connection and brings joy to our day.  

There are many ways to create mindful moments, and we’ve come up with a list that you can try with the whole family. These activities are intended to bring all the benefits of mindfulness, but also some fun to your school holidays as well! 

Make a Glitter Jar

Not only is the Glitter Jar a perfect calming tool and assists with developing focus in children, it’s also a fun and easy craft project. All you need is a jar that will hold liquid tightly, clear glue, glitter in your favourite colours, food colouring, hot water and something to stir with like a whisk or spoon.  

Simply pour the hot water and glue into the jar, and mix together with the whisk – this creates your base to then add your glitter. Experiment with adding different amounts and colours of glitter – we suggest starting with 1-2 tablespoons, and the glue in the water will provide thickness to help create glitter swirls.  

Add a few drops of food colouring for extra fun, close the jar and give it a good shake. Once the water cools, set the jar down and watch the glitter and colours settle as your minds and thoughts return to the present.

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